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Gaiacom Consulting Engineers applies a Quality Management System and is ISO 9001 certified for Provision of Engineering Services in the following fields:

  • Topography
  • Land Registry
  • Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S)
  • Transportations

For the implementation of the Quality Assurance System the company is pledged to be organized in such a way as to prevent any trouble caused either internally (during the production of services and the company’s operation in general) or to the clients. The Quality Assurance System is based on two main points:

  • To firmly maintain the desired quality at the lower possible cost
  • To fully satisfy the client requirements (as listed in the relevant agreements).

Gaiacom’s management aims to implement the Quality Assurance System by committing to provide all necessary human and material resources for its continued and effective implementation.

Mr. K. Fanaras is designated as the Quality Manager, assisted by Mr. P. Gaitanaros and will provide at any time throughout the duration of the design and implementation of the Quality Assurance System, every possible assistance, confirming the implementation of processes and taking into consideration any suggestions for improvement in the provision of services of the company.

Gaiacom ensures consistently providing quality service level with:

  • applying the most up to date methods of organization and execution of work procedures and the Quality Assurance System
  • the automation of its operations, based on the application of the latest IT developments in the field of Topography and Transportation Projects
  • the constant updating and training of its executives on the latest scientific developments
  • the respect for the science of Topography, Road construction and all national and European laws, rules and regulations covering the rendering of topographic services as ΠΔ 696/94, Ν 716/77, regulation 92/50 ΕΟΚ etc.